Podaruj obiad - Kuchnia za ścianą

Podaruj obiad

Let’s do good things together!

Join our campaign – donate lunch to someone in need!

A warm, home-made dinner – something obvious and normal for the most of us. We do not realise that such a meal in the restaurant can be something incredible and wonderful for a homeless person. A substitute for normality they have already forgotten.

Krok 1

Step 1

Buy a voucher for PLN 22.99. You pay this amount to fund a meal (approx. 500 g) for a person in need, which meal consists of the main course, salads and side dishes. The Kitchen behind the Wall (Kuchnia za Ścianą) offers soup and compote (Polish fruit drink) free of charge with every dinner.

Krok 2

Step 2

We donate the voucher you have purchased to the following organisations: Give Me Tea Foundation (Fundacja Daj Herbatę), Seniors in the Crown Foundation (Fundacja Senior w Koronie), and Secondly Foundation (Fundacja Po Drugie), which have been helping the homeless for years. Thanks to the volunteers from these foundations, every voucher will go to a person in need!

Krok 3

Step 3

We invite homeless and people in need to lunch on an agreed date and at a specific time in our restaurant. It is an opportunity for them to meet, talk and feel normal at long last. They can eat their lunch at ease in the restaurant, or take it away.
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Can you see that smile? This gentleman is trying to carry all the lunch coupons for those in need, which were issued some day in one of our Kitchens. There are more than 100…

There were 15 such invitations in the mid-May 2018, when we first served the meals. At first, it was one day a month, then every weekend; the number of days has been gradually increasing.

More and more new faces would show up at our Kitchen. They were often a bit shy, waiting outside the entrance and watching others, not sure if they could really come inside without being asked out.

We now serve lunch at the several of our various locations throughout the week, a couple thousand a month in total. The meals are primarily sent to the wards of the Give Me Tea Foundation (Fundacja Daj Herbatę), enthusiastic about our project from the get-go. Recently, we have also been supporting people under the care of Brother Albert’s Aid Society (Towarzystwo Pomocy Brata Alberta) and the Secondly Foundation. (Fundacja Po Drugie).
On 24 February 2022, a huge influx of refugees from Ukraine started to flee to Poland – we wish to help and provide them with dinner in these difficult times. We serve lunch for the Humanosh Foundation, which gives refugees shelter. The needs are enormous – we are counting on your help.

All of it thanks to the wonderful people who support the campaign. It is amazing that there are so many beautiful people in our country, who have enormous power when they come as one. This campaign is living proof of that. We cannot show you every smiling person who has received a meal so far. But we might send you these several thousand smiles and thank you so much while we are at it. We believe that this love will come back to each and every one of you.

You can find out more about the initiative, the issue of homelessness and people who the vouchers are for in the materials created during the course of our campaign: